Back 2 Back Speed Shop Openings

As many of you automotive enthusiasts already know, Pep Boys has spiced things up by adding a new feature to three of the current Pep Boys stores (Washington LA, Lancaster, PA & Exton, PA)…a Speed Shop!

Yep that’s right, you can now purchase and/or order premium, performance products over 5000 to be exact, right from our trusty ol’ friends Manny, Moe, and Jack. Among those products you’ll find a good supply of the worlds best brake pads and rotors – EBC Brakes – made directly in the UK.

The Washington store (first West Coast Pep Boys opened in 1946) was the first to receive a Speed Shop, last Spring, May 2009.

Lancaster and Exton, PA were next on tap – back 2 back – and lemme tell you, the Pep Boys crew knows how to throw celebration – we had a blast!

If you missed these celebrations, not to worry…Pep Boys plans on opening up six more Speed Shop locations (shhh don’t tell em’ I told you) in 2010 including locations in New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Los Angeles.

Charles, the store manager in Lancaster, PA was pumped about getting the second Speed Shop at his Pep Boys Hub store. Meet Charles…

Here’s what Tony Farrel, Speed Shop manager, had to say about his HUGE expectations for the shop in Exton, PA.

During our tours and travels we always receive many compliments from very happy EBC customers. Here’s what Autocross racer Mike Tomma had to say.

Images from Lancaster, PA Speed Shop opening

Images from Exton, PA Speed Shop opening

View more videos from both events

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